Friday, March 5, 2010

Using Listmania! to Promote Your Kindle eBook

One way to promote your book on Amazon is to use Listmania! I've now created two lists to promote Devil's Lair (Kindle Edition).

Basically, what you do is create a list of Amazon products organized by theme. You give the list a title and add items to the list. Your Listmania! list will then appear on Amazon product pages and beside Amazon search results. Because Listmania! creates a new web page for your list, it can also appear in Google search results.

List viewers can rate a Listmania! as helpful, which increases its popularity rank and makes it more likely that the list will show up. Getting more views for your list will also increase its rank. Amazon has an algorithm to rank Listmania!s and determine when and where to show them. Lists are also tagged (labeled) so that they can appear on relevant pages.

Authors and publishers can promote their own books by adding their books to the Listmania! list. This puts the book in front of more people. If the list is narrowly themed, then you're more likely to get your book in front of readers with an interest in your subject.

For example, my first Listmania! list is "Epic Fantasy on Kindle for $0.99." My second list is "Horror on Kindle for $0.99."

Both lists are aimed at Kindle owners looking to buy genre books at bargain prices. Each list contains 25 books, including my own book, Devil's Lair.

In the next post I'll show you how you can create your own Listmania!

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