Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amazon Review: Devil's Lair is "Pure Brilliance!"

Rebecca L. Downey, "Mistress of Prose," gives Devil's Lair (Kindle Edition) 5 stars on Amazon and writes:
Pure Brilliance!
It is often so hard to find new fantasy novels that exemplify the brilliance of the genre. But, author, David Wisehart, has brought us a wonderfully dark epic that should not be passed up. The novel, based off Dante's Inferno, is a remarkable piece of literature. This book is not just for fantasy fans; it is also a piece worthy of any history fanatic's personal library. I am always looking for fantasy novels that try to re-invent or challenge the conventional ideas of the genre, and Wisehart does just that with Devil's Lair. I truly believe the author is a brilliant writer, and I cannot wait to read what else he has in store for us.
Thanks, Rebecca!

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